"I can certainly recommend Eleanor Turney's editorial skills as being of the highest quality. As I've seen at first hand, she has an exceptional ability to increase clarity and impact, whilst reducing word count and over-elaboration, without losing any of the subtlety or spirit of the original text."
Jeremy Newton, Chief Executive of the Prince's Foundation for Children and the Arts
"...without doubt the most professional editing relationship I have had to date. Her ability to take my, I hope reasonably competent, scribbling and turn it into professional, succinct, precise prose is a quality to be coveted."
Bill Brookman, The Bill Brookman Foundation & Bill Brookman Productions Ltd.
"We like to think that a bit of Eleanor's love for theatre was fostered by childhood trips to see London Bubble summer promenades. It has certainly helped her become a perceptive and positively persistent voice in the theatre community. Her tweets bite your ankles, her punctuation is never less than perfect and her criticism is intelligent good reading. Oh... and she makes a good member of the Fan Made Theatre judging panel."
The London Bubble Team
"Eleanor Turney is a real editing-machine: fast, efficient and ruthless with split infinitives. Thankfully, she's also jolly nice about it"
Claire Trévien, Researcher and Editor of Sabotage Reviews
"If you need a skilled, conscientious and reliable writer, look no further. Eleanor can write and edit for a whole range of different contexts and brings her own research skills, good humour and imagination to any task."
Catherine Rose, former Editor of ArtsProfessional magazine and Co-Director of Arts Inform
"Working with Eleanor as an editor is a real pleasure. She is very thorough at understanding the intended meaning and readership of the piece before approaching the text so her feedback is always on message. Eleanor is clear in her responses and whilst always honest, she is also impeccably diplomatic."
Honour Bayes, Editor-At-Large of Exuent, and Theatre Editor of Fourthwall magazine
"Eleanor is one of the most efficient and effective colleagues I have ever had. She is perceptive, creative and intelligent, with excellent communication skills across a broad range of media and contexts. She always meets deadlines, and thrives under pressure."
Pam Henderson, former Chief Executive of Arts Intelligence, publisher of ArtsProfessional magazine
"Eleanor is an exceptional editor... Her attention to detail with proofreading and writing have brought about a wonderful change, not only in the basic editing of copy but in supporting and nurturing the numerous young people that write for A Younger Theatre. She continually shows a flair for precision whilst demonstrating that she is more than capable of dealing with a wide range of copywriting and editing under demanding time constraints. We honestly don't know what we would have done if Eleanor hadn't lifted the standard of writing and editing. She is a dedicated and outstanding individual and team player."
Jake Orr, Artistic Director of A Younger Theatre
"Extremely responsive and honest... Her knowledge of digital and social media, as well as her understanding of editorial strategies, made her an invaluable contact."
Marta Bogna, Press and Media Manager at The Place
"She has a keen eye for grammatical accuracy and a flair for recognising the salient points and knowing where cuts can be made to ensure a smoother and more logical read. In other words, she is a great de-tangler of prose."
Elinor Walpole, Education and Community Officer for Picturehouse London Cinemas
"In all our dealings with Eleanor, we have always found her to be efficient, fast and friendly, and a pleasure to work with."
Martha Oakes, Director of Martha Oakes PR
"Eleanor's news stories at ArtsProfessional, particularly online, were impressive for their combination of speed and accuracy. Whereas press releases are often filled with gaps, inconsistencies, errors or poor writing, Eleanor seemed to miraculously purge the stories of their defects and produce elegant clean copy. How DID she do it?"
Sebastian Scotney, Editor at LondonJazz
"...a thorough and fast editor with a real talent for spotting cumbersome words and expressions. She takes the time to truly understand the material she edits so that the results are thoughtful and effective."
Claire Trévien, Researcher and Editor of Sabotage Reviews
"Eleanor did a terrific job in editing material I'd written... ensuring that it was well targeted for the audience."
Hasan Bakhshi, Director, Creative Industries in NESTA's Policy & Research Unit
"I worked with Eleanor both as a PR and as a freelance writer. She's definitely someone with her finger on the pulse. She sources the best writing and knows what works. She's always cleverly tweaked to make my writing a little punchier and has cross-promoted via social media to get the debate going — exactly what a writer needs."
Laura Brown, freelance PR, Writer and Journalist
"Journalist Peter Fryer said writers should keep it 'lucid, vigorous and brief' and Eleanor hits the target every time. Clear, well-written and concise copy that helps people understand what's going on."
Dan Thompson of artistsandmakers.com
"I've known Eleanor for some time and she's a great editor to work with — extremely friendly, receptive to new ideas and she provides clear and valued feedback. Her ability to develop strong feature angles is fuelled by her in-depth knowledge of and passion for the arts, which is underpinned by a real talent of knowing what people in the sector want to read about; a truly potent combination."
Jessica Hope, PR Manager, The Jewish Museum
"When I worked with Eleanor on articles, her editing was great, clear and helped the flow of the piece. I would use her again."
Mark Atterbury, previously Communications Officer, Shape London
"Eleanor has a sharp but conscientious eye, editing not just for fluency and clarity, but also in keeping with the spirit of the piece. She is the first person I go to when I want my work to be as precise and elegant — while remaining true to my voice and vision — as can be."
Tori Truslow, Writer
"Sometimes the mark of a good editor is knowing when to edit and when to leave well alone. Eleanor Turney is a very good editor."
Mike Ingham, Performance in Education
"...it was clear the positive impact that Eleanor made through her inspired editorial and informed writing. Working with Eleanor was a joy; she gave clear editorial instruction, immediate and encouraging support and was confidence-building. I would have no hesitation in commissioning Eleanor to write on any aspect of the arts as she not only has an exemplary aptitude for it, but as a dedicated art advocate, the vocation too."
Cara Courage, arts consultant
"Eleanor has an excellent eye for detail, not only to pick up spelling mistakes and typos, and for knowing the difference between a colon and a semi-colon, but also for the ability to structure copy to make it compelling. She instinctively knows how to engage with her audience and I have enjoyed reading her reviews, articles and blogs on many occasions. Words are definitely in safe hands with Eleanor."
Monika Neall, freelance marketing, outreach and community engagement consultant and project manager
"I have been commissioned and edited by Eleanor... I would happily recommend her to pretty much any employer for her attention to detail, understanding, good humour and efficiency. She knows a lot about words and how to put them together, too."
Alexander Kelly, Co-Artistic Director, Third Angel
"Eleanor's skill as a writer, her in-depth knowledge and passion for the arts industry make her a great journalist and an amazing asset when I need some good theatre advice!"
Amanda Adams, Press Manager, Bristol Old Vic